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all got something to atone for, american football, arbor vitae, atlases, aussie rules, avalon, being cunning, being intelligent but stupid, being preoccupied with 1985, big damn heroines, billiards, body politics, boylan's, cleverness, coding, confusion of tongues, controlling my own happiness, cooking, cryptography, curves, dancing in the rain, dead languages, demonology, demonology in theory, dialects, doing pointless things, drawing, dystopian literature (in essence), eddie izzard for romana, elvis was blond, end vanity sizing, equality, essays, et in arcadia ego, etymology, etz chaim, evolution of physiological sorts, falling in love with strangers, fan revisionism, fandom, fandom is fucking funny, feminism, flirting, food i'm allergic to, gallifrey, gaslamp fantasy is steampunk, gender, general celtic mythology stuff, genfic, genital integrity, geography, girls in bands, glottogony, god hates television evangelists, grammars, gravitas on a stick, greener on my side, hating mushed ship names, helping the helpless, history, human rights, i don't want to believe, ice hockey, idiolect, illogical crossovers, infinite dimensional manifolds, irishmen with great hair, jörmungandr, kinetic type, king of witches levels of crazy, kinsey scale like whoa!, learning egyptian hieroglyphs, learning sumerian, lgbt, life (the game of), lilitu, linguistics, loltastic wrist scars, mamihlapinatapei, meta, mocking torchwood, moleskine notebook ponderings, möbius, nail lacquer, not being in debt, oak with pewter accents, old school cartographs, onomastics, orange plastic cups, our hetero-normative puritanical society, ouroborous, paradoxes, penguins in hats, physics, pink & purple plaid pigs, pizza stone maintenance, poker, poking badgers with spoons, pool, pretending to be clever, pretending to know latin, pretty boys, pretty girls, pretty shiny things, punctuation, random observations about nothing, rants, rassilon's frilly knickers, raxicoricofallapatorian poetry readings, reading, relationships, reproductive rights, reveling in oxymora, rugby union, running until i'm breathless, sardonicism, scream until your heart stops, sewing, sex, sexuality, sexuality: not a choice, sol iii, something to sing about, standing on rooftops, stratego: capture the flag!, sumerian, swearing like a trooper, symbolology, taking extensive notes, texts, the colour orange, the eye of orion, the oxford comma, the slush pile a year later, the universe, toponymy, translating, tree of life, trust > monogamy, veritable cornucopias of awesome, vernors ginger fizzy drink, vertigo, what the future holds, wool jumpers, words and how to use them, world tree, writing about distant futures, yggdrasil, your most attractive features, √∞
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